How to Fly in Super Mario 64

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"Super Mario 64" is the fifth canonical game in the "Super Mario" series and was released for the Nintendo 64 console by Nintendo in 1996. The game retains the platforming elements typical of the series, but introduces several new power ups, including the Wing Cap, which grants Mario the ability to fly. The Wing Cap is not immediately available and must be unlocked for use.

Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo 64
  • "Super Mario 64"
  • Wing Cap
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      Collect any 12 stars from any of the levels.

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      Go to the first room in the castle. There will be a light shining from the stained-glass sun on the ceiling. Look at it using the C-stick and you will be warped to the Tower of the Wing Cap level.

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      Fly toward the center of the level. You will start the level wearing your first Wing Cap. Press the "Z" button above the big red button on the platform in the middle of the level to activate it. All outlines of red boxes in every level will now contain Wing Caps.

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      Touch a Wing Cap to gain the ability to fly. The effects of the Wing Cap are limited and will wear off after close to a minute.

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      Use the analog stick to control the direction of Mario's flight. You can land at any time by pressing the "Z" button to perform a stomp.

Tips & Warnings

  • "Super Mario 64" has been rereleased on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii systems.

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