How to Pass your Learners Permit DMV Test

Taking your driving permit test is the first step towards obtaining a drivers license. The thought of taking your permit test may seem intimidating, but if you study, you shouldn't have any problems passing it. Follow the simple steps below to improve your chances of passing the learners permit test.


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      Pick up a copy of the learners permit manual from your local DMV. This manual will lay out everything you need to know to pass the test. If you study this manual and understand everything it lays out, the test should be simple. Call your local library to see if they have any additional resources as far as study materials go.

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      Take practice tests. Log on to your local DMV's main website to take practice tests and get tips on taking the test. These practice tests are very similar to the actual test and will test your knowledge of basic driving. If you do well on these practice tests, you will be ready for

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      When you are ready to take the test , get a ride down to your local DMV office . Be sure to show up early . Depending on the hours of your local DMV , they usually stop accepting test takers after a certain time of day . The explanation for this is that they want you to have enough time to take the 30 - 60 minute test.

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      When you arrive at the DMV you will need to show a copy of your birth certificate as proof of identity . When taking the test keep calm and focus on the questions . Be sure that you have marked an answer for all of the questions as all unanswered questions will be marked as wrong

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      Once you finish the test , take it to the appropriate test grading area . A DMV worker will grade it and tell you if you passed .

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      Once you pass , all that is left to do is get your picture taken and take a quick vision test .

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