How to Reset Your Kenwood CD Player Code

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Stereo manufacturers have increased the level of built-in security for car electronics over the past decade. A common technique used by stereo manufacturers is to require a security code for a car stereo to be used in the event of removal from the car. If you have not entered the code, have had your entry code corrupted, if your vehicle loses power or if the stereo is disconnected during maintenance, the security code needs to be reset in order to use the stereo. The Kenwood CD player uses a security code and can require reset in these cases.


  1. Buy a Kenwood Stereo remote control if you do not have one. The Kenwood store website is listed in the resources section of this article.

  2. Start your car. Then, press the ">>" and "Auto" stereo keys at the same time and hold for four seconds.

  3. Press the "5" button on your remote twice. You will see the letter "K" displayed on the stereo faceplate. Push the ">>" button on your stereo.

  4. Hit the "2" button on your remote three times until you see a "C" on the stereo faceplate. Push the ">>" button.

  5. Select the "2" button on the remote one more time and you will see an "A" on the faceplate display. Follow by pushing the ">>" button.

  6. Choose the "7" button on the remote twice. An "R" will appear on the faceplate. Push the ">>" button. Select the "SRC" button on your stereo and the CD code will be unlocked.




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