How to Treat Hyponatremia With Salt Tablets


Hyponatremia is an electrolyte imbalance in the body, specifically a low sodium level. Sodium is crucial for the body to transport and use water. Without adequate sodium levels, the body's organs can start shutting down. Hyponatremia most commonly occurs among athletes who work out for long periods of time or in extreme heat. Luckily salt tablets are a simple yet effective treatment for hyponatremia.

Things You'll Need

  • Salt tablets
  • Water

Step 1

Figure out how much salt you need to ingest. Most people need to ingest about 1 g of salt for every hour of profuse sweating. This formula holds true regardless of body weight.

Step 2

Take the appropriate dosage of salt tablets. For example, if you will workout hard for two hours, take 2 g of salt. The majority of salt tablets sold for the purpose of preventing hyponatremia come in 1 g doses.

Step 3

Drink plenty of water. The general rule of thumb is to start with a baseline fluid intake amount of 64 ounces per day. Then, add in at least 12 to 26 ounces more per every hour of workout or sweating, depending on how much you sweat.

Step 4

Check hydration levels. While bending your wrist back, use your other hand to pinch the skin on the back of your wrist. If the skin is hard to pick up and pinch, it means you're bloated. If the skin is easy to pick up, but doesn't quickly return to it's normal position, it signals dehydration. Skin that is adequately hydrated should be easy to pick up and should then return to its normal position quickly once it's released. Particularly in athletes, both bloating and deyhdration can be symptoms of hyponatremia.

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Tips & Warnings

  • Always consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.
  • Salt tablets don't cause a thirst response, so make sure to drink plenty of water when taking them.


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