How to Lose Belly Fat With Exercise

When we gain weight the area that seems to be hit hard is the belly. We develop this jiggly belly fat that seems impossible to get rid of. Here are a few simple steps to fight back against belly fat and get the body you can be proud to show off.
Don't wait another day start now.

Things You'll Need

  • Exercise Tapes
  • Walking shoes


    • 1
      Cut out sweets and watch the weight come off

      Reduce your Calories
      You can't conquer belly fat with crunches and ab exercises alone. To lose the unwanted inches you need to cut back on what you eat. Don't starve yourself, but be aware of what and how many calories you are eating.

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      Ab Exercises
      You should find a good workout tape that is dedicated to the Abs. You should spend 15-20min on your abs 3-4 times a week.

      Jillian Michaels the trainer from Biggest Loser has a great ab workout. Doing Ab Exercises alone will not get rid of belly fat it will define your abs, but you must do cardio and reduce your calories to lose the belly fat for good.

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      You should do a cardio workout 3-4 times a week. You can go power walking, running, Areobics, spinning, hinking, kick-boxing, biking- up and down hills. I like to walk to the pool and swim laps. If you have a gym hit the gym and take advantage of the bikes, treadmills ect. Bottom line is you have to start working up a sweat. find something you like and stick with it.

    • 4
      Use weights to develop muscle

      Weight Training
      Add weight training to your routine 2-3 times a week. If you are unfamiliar with weights take advantage of your local gym and set up an appointment with a trainer to get yourself safely started on using weights. Once you know how to properly use weights you can work out on your own or at home.

    • 5
      Drink water to help you lose weight.

      You need to make sure that you are drinking enough water. You should drink 6-8 glasses a day.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cut out the useless calories- like soda.
  • Drink Water
  • Make working out a part of your day.
  • Sign up for a sports team at your community center.
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