How to Count Calories When Juicing


Juicing is an excellent way to lose weight or to keep weight in control. There are several ways for determining calories when juicing. First, you can access juicing recipes that list the caloric content of the recipes in books or online. Second, you can determine juicing calories for your own recipes with a few easy steps.

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Things You'll Need

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Juice extractor or citrus juicer
  • Calculator
  • Calorie counting guide
  • Food scale
Step 1

List the ingredients you are using in the juicing recipe; use the calorie counting guide, and near each listed ingredient, note the calories of each as well as the amount of fiber in grams if you are using a juice extractor.

List the ingredients
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Step 2

Multiply the grams of fiber by four because every gram of fiber has four calories in it. Subtract the amount of fiber calories from the total calories of each ingredient when using an extractor because the extractor pulls out the fiber-filled pulp content. Add the fiber calories to the calorie count if you are using a citrus juicer because fiber-filled pulp is not removed.

Multiply the grams of fiber by four
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Step 3

Add up the final calorie totals. Put the ingredients in the juicing extractor or the citrus juicer and turn them into a juice according to the instructional guides provided with the equipment. Make a note of how many ounces the juice recipe makes.

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Step 4

Count the calorie total of all ingredients if you are consuming the entire recipe in one sitting. Count only part of the caloric content of the juice if you are drinking a portion of it; for example, if you are drinking half of the recipe, you would take your calorie total of all ingredients and divide them by half. Write the calories you consume in your notebook.

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Step 5

Use your calorie-counting guide to count any calories from any foods you intake while juicing, too. Use the food scale to figure out food portion sizes.

Count calories from the foods you eat
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Tips & Warnings

  • If you decide to use an extractor for juicing that pulls out pulp, you will want to supplement your diet with a fiber supplement or you will want to consume raw vegetables and fruits for better fiber intake.
  • Use a caloric intake calculator online at the Free Dieting website to determine how many calories you need to consume each day in order to lose weight. Insert the necessary information into the electronic calculator including your age, your gender, your weight and height, as well as the amount of exercise you perform weekly. If you are looking to maintain your weight, follow the information supplied for weight maintenance. If you want to lose weight, consume the number of calories recommended for weight loss.
  • Do not use the calorie guide to look up specific juices such as apple juice or grapefruit juice. These items have a lot of additional ingredients and sugars in them that your all-natural juice will not necessarily have, so the calorie count will not be the same.


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