How to Convert English Pounds to Australian Dollars


To convert British pounds to Australian dollars, you need to know the current exchange rate. Then you can easily do the conversion with a simple calculator.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Calculator

On your computer, go to the website (see Resources).

In the exchange rate table, locate the British flag on the vertical side. Move across to the column for Australia, which is marked AUD and has an Australian flag. The number is the amount in British pounds it takes to buy one Australian dollar. For example, 0.49 would mean that 0.49 GBP equals 1.00 AUD.

Divide the GBP that you want to convert by the amount in the table on the website. Using the example above, converting 300 GBP into AUD at an exchange rate of 0.49 would result in 612.24 AUD.

Use an online conversion calculator if you want to double-check your math. An easy-to-use currency calculator is on the XE website (see Resources). Simply enter the amount of currency, select the currency type (GBP) and the conversion currency type (AUD), and click Go to get the result.

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