How to Build a Skateboard Funbox


A fun box is a great piece of equipment to have when practicing your skateboarding skills. A fun box is a rectangular box that you can do a number of different tricks and combinations on. Many skate parks have these pieces of equipment as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Screws Plywood 8 2-by-4s Handsaw Tape measure Flat metal rails
  • Plan your fun box. When deciding on the dimensions (length, height and width), take into consideration where you will use the box and where you will store it. Fun boxes are generally about five to six feet in length and two feet tall; if you can ollie or jump with your skateboard higher than two feet in the air feel free to make it taller.

  • Cut four 2-by-4s to the length specified in your plans. Arrange the pieces into the frame or outline of the box - they should form a rectangle or square - and screw them together. You can use nails instead of screws, but screws tend to hold better and last longer.

  • Cut the other 2-by-4 pieces and place them inside the frame as bracing. Place one piece inside the box frame across the width of the box about 6 inches from the end of the box. Use galvanized screws to secure it in place. Place another 2-by-4 piece down about 6 inches from the last piece; repeat the process until you get to the other end of the fun box.

  • Measure and cut a plywood board using the handsaw. The board should be long enough to cover the entire top of the frame.

  • Lay the plywood piece on top of the frame and bracing. Use screws to secure it in place.

  • Add two metal rails to the top of the fun box. These will enable you to grind and slide. The rails should run along the long edges, leaving the center clear. Secure the rails with screws or nails.

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