How to Make Cookie Monster Cupcakes


Pre-schoolers and adults alike know the beloved characters from "Sesame Street," perhaps none so well as Cookie Monster, the giant blue monster with a penchant for sweets. Cookie Monster cupcakes for a child's party combine two desserts in one: the cupcake itself and chocolate cookies to accent. Aside from a mouth full of cookies, Cookie Monster's most distinguishing features are his blue fur and large, crossed eyes. Choose from different options to achieve these features.

Cupcake Basics

  • Cookie Monster cupcakes start with any flavor cupcake of your choosing. While flat tops are often desirable for cupcakes, these specialty cupcakes actually benefit from a slight dome. Bake the cupcakes in bright blue cupcake liners so the entire cupcake contributes to the Cookie Monster theme. Tint buttercream frosting bright blue with gel or liquid food coloring. Spread a generous layer of blue frosting over each cupcake. Work carefully to achieve a neat, rounded shape with the frosting. If you intend to make the fur effect with a frosting decorating tip, start with a thinner base layer of blue frosting on the cupcakes.

Fur Finishes

  • Blue frosting spread smoothly over the top of a cupcake is enough to give the suggestion of Cookie Monster, but make the extra effort on the fur, and the cupcakes look even more realistic. A fur or grass decorating tip with multiple round holes works well for making thin strands of frosting that resemble hair. Position the tip at the center of the cupcake. Squeeze the bag with medium pressure to squeeze out strands of frosting. Lift the bag away from the cupcake as you squeeze, releasing pressure to break off the strands when they reach about 1/2 inch long. Repeat this process until the entire cupcake is covered with frosting fur. Alternatively, dye coconut flakes bright blue with liquid food coloring. After applying blue frosting, roll each cupcake in the blue coconut.

Ocular Options

  • Some specialty cake retailers sell large googly candy eyes like Cookie Monster's, or you can try creative options with easy-to-find food items. One ocular option uses marshmallows to make the eyes. Cut a regular-sized marshmallow in half and push the two pieces onto the cupcake; use a bit of frosting as glue if they don't stick on their own. Alternatively, position two white chocolate candy coating disks on the cupcake. To finish the eyes, draw a black circle on each eyeball with a black food-safe writing pen. Make the circles off-center to mimic Cookie Monster's crossed eyes. Round chocolate candies and chocolate chips attached with frosting also work well for eye pupils.

"C" is for Cookie

  • A Cookie Monster cupcake would not be complete without a chocolate chip cookie shoved in the monster's mouth. Cut out a wedge of the frosting with a butterknife in the shape of a mouth. The cut might not be necessary if you work quickly and the frosting is still soft when you add the cookie. Depending on the size of the cookies, you might need to break them in half before pushing them into the frosting. Smaller cookie cereal works well for miniature cupcakes. Reserve a few cookies to crush and sprinkle the crumbs around the mouth and on the serving plate.

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