How to Stop Stomach Pain


Your stomach is the primary organ for digestion. It is capable of digesting and breaking down most consumable foods due in part to the gastric acids inside your stomach. Factors such as stress, microorganisms, menstrual cramps, ulcers, indigestion and medications can cause stomach pain. While over-the-counter medications can relieve the problem, there are natural remedies that can ease your stomach pain without any adverse side effects.

Things You'll Need

  • Chamomile capsules
  • Apple juice
  • Golden seal tincture
  • Star anise tea
  • Ginger

Take chamomile capsules for ulcers. An untreated ulcer can cause a great amount of stomach pain. The chamomile herb contains a potent compound called bisabolol, which works by reducing the inflammation while soothing the stomach muscles. To treat stomach ulcers, take one 500 mg capsule twice a day before meals.

One common cause of stomach pain is constipation. Apples contain properties that have a laxative effect. Drink one glass of apple juice every day to relieve stomach pain related to constipation.

Diarrhea is another cause of stomach pain. The golden seal flower has an ingredient called berberine, which stimulates your white blood cells (leukoctes) to destroy such bacteria as Vibrio Cholera, Escherichia Coli or Salmonella, which cause diarrhea. Put two or three drops of golden seal tincture into a cup of juice or tea.

Drink star anise tea. Menstrual discomfort is another cause of stomach pain. The anise herb contains a potent substance called anithol, which acts by relaxing the muscles of your lower abdomen, thus lessening the pain. Drink one cup of anise tea every night as needed.

A viral intestinal infection can cause severe pain in your stomach. Ginger contains a potent compound called 6-gingerol, which effectively kills the microorganisms responsible. Add ginger to your meals and consume every day. You can also eat ginger candy, which will have the same effect.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consult your doctor before beginning natural therapy.

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