How to Use Zopiclone


Zopiclone is a generic oral prescription sleep medication used to treat insomnia. The medication helps a person to fall asleep and sleep without waking during the night. Because Zopiclone is habit-forming, it should only be used short-term. Generally, it is not prescribed for longer than four weeks.

Choose a time to take Zopiclone when you know you will be able to get a full night sleep, which is equivalent to seven to eight hours.

Take your prescribed dose of Zopiclone before bedtime. Zopiclone is generally quick-acting. The exact time it takes to induce sleep varies with each individual. You will learn how long Zopiclone takes to work for you after you've taken the medication.

Speak with your doctor if Zopiclone does not help you fall asleep or if you wake up throughout the night after taking Zopiclone. Your doctor may increase your prescribed dose or prescribe a different medication.

Tips & Warnings

  • Among the side effects associated with Zopiclone are a bitter taste, dry mouth, drowsiness, incoordination upon waking, feeling tired and headaches. Some of the less common side effects include heartburn, digestive upset, changes in bowel movements, change in appetite, bad breath, sleep walking, confusion, memory loss and sexual dysfunction. Elderly people may experience heart palpitations or a tingling sensation on the skin. Elderly people are more prone to experiencing side effects when taking Zopiclone than younger people.
  • Zopiclone should be used only when a person is able to get seven or eight hours of sleep. A person who is on Zopiclone may not remember events that occurred while under the influence of the medication. This is not an issue when the medication is taken appropriately, before a full night sleep. This memory loss can occur if a person awakes while Zopiclone is still in effect. People who take Zopiclone should not driver or operate machinery after waking from a night's sleep until they know how the medication affects them. The safety of Zopiclone has not been tested on pregnant women, nursing women or children. If you are pregnant, are planning on getting pregnant or become pregnant consult with your doctor before taking Zopiclone. Do not drink alcohol, take other sleeping medications or CNS depressants while taking Zopiclone, unless prescribed by a physician. Consult with your doctor before taking any other medications while taking Zopiclone. Zopiclone may not be appropriate for people who have depression or other forms of mental illness. People who have epilepsy or other seizure disorders should not stop taking Zopiclone abruptly, but rather should get off the medication gradually. Discontinue the use of Zopiclone and call your doctor immediately if you experience behavioral or severe mood changes after taking the medication.

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