How to Learn Conversational Hindi

When you learn Hindi, you join more than 300 million people who speak it from childhood -- and millions of others who learn it as a second language. Whether you want to speak it for travel or business, you have your choice of learning methods to help you. If you live in a small town, you may not find a language-exchange partner or a college class available, but you can make up for that lack through CDs and online resources.

  1. How to Learn Conversational Hindi

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      Learn to pronounce Hindi by using Web sites such as LingvoSoftOnline. Pronunciation can be a challenge for many English speakers -- for instance, there are two ways of saying "t."

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      Study basic phrases at and other Web sites. Start simple, with expressions such as "good morning," "thank you" and "I'm lost."

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      Learn Hindi conversation through an online class. Helpful websites such as offer several study methods including sessions with Hindi-speaking tutors.

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      Boost your speaking abilities with Hindi language CDs or audiobooks. Many of them come with a money-back guarantee if you're not proficient when you finish a course -- visit as an example.

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      Buy a language book to boost your Hindi vocabulary. Take a look at "Teach Yourself Hindi: Complete Course" (Rupert Snell and Simon Weightman, 2003).

Tips & Warnings

  • Watch Hindi movies. Bollywood offerings will improve your vocabulary and let you hear the language in action. If you live in a large enough area, attend or audit a class in basic Hindi at the local university or community college. Find a language-exchange partner who is fluent in Hindi and wants to learn better English.
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