How to Flirt with Men


Do you want to get guys attention, but do not have a clue? Read this article to learn tips on how to flirt with guys.

Things You'll Need

  • Self confidence.
  • Looking your best.
  • Self-esteem.

    Glance and smile at the man who you think is cute, when his looks your way. This is letting the guy know you want his attention. Drop something on the floor in front of the guy. Give him a seductive smile by using your lips and eyes when he picks it up. Your eyes should meet with his eyes and say thank you in seductive tone. Ask the cute guy to help with directions, tell you the time, carry something for you, and etc. Be courteous and smile. Comment on his attire, hair, car, and muscles. Guys like it when girls notice them and flirt. Giggle a little while flirting.


    Always look your best, when going outside in public. Men give their attention to well-groomed women who flirts with them. Plain Janes usually get ignored.

    Play down your flaws and bring out your best. You should look sexy and modest. Avoid looking trashy. Make sure you hair, make-up, and clothes look fabulous. Show off your sexy demeanor while flirting with men.


    Demonstrate self- confidence, when flirting with guys. Don't come on too strong, but be inviting. Invite him to come your way with your body language and flirtatious gestures.

    Avoid sitting with your arms closed. They should be open, which signals an invitation. Watch your body language. It says a lot about you and men can read this from a mile away.

Tips & Warnings

  • Flirts with men who are single and not on a date.
  • Only flirt with guys who are receptive.
  • Do not get into cars or go anywhere with men you do not know very well.
  • Exercise common sense and good judgment.
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