How to Draw House Designs

Drawing your own custom house plans can give you a lot of freedom when designing a home. If you have never used professional home design software before, there are simple design programs that make drawing house plans easy to accomplish, even for the beginner. Once completed, custom house plans can be taken to an architect or a building inspector to get a stamp of approval.

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  • 3D Home Architect software program Home computer Design ideas
  1. Designing Your Home

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      Purchase a copy of the 3D Home Architect software program. You can find it at any software store or online. (See References Below.) Once you have the program installed, you can begin drawing your custom home plans.

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      Create the walls of your home by clicking on the icon of the wall section at the top of the screen. Click and drag anywhere on the screen to draw a wall. While you draw, you will be able to see the exact dimensions of the wall section. This can help you accurately calculate the proportions of the wall lengths. For example, you can make each wall 15 feet in length in order to create a structurally sound area inside.

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      Add windows and doors to your dwelling by clicking on the icon of a door at the top of the screen. you will see multiple choices, including different types of doors and windows. Select the type of door or window you want, then click "OK." Click anywhere on the design to place your window or door. Repeat this until you have included as many windows and doors as you would like.

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      Add utilities and electrical outlets. Click on the icon of a toilet at the top of the screen. Select the utility from the list of options available, including toilets, water heaters and furnaces. Click onto your design to insert the specific utility you selected. For electrical outlets, click on the icon of an electrical plug. Click anywhere on your design to add an electrical outlet.

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      Add a roof to your design to finish the house. Click on the icon of a roof at the top of the screen. A window will appear asking for the specific pitch and composition of the roof. After you have specified the details of your roof, click "OK." The roof will appear on your house design.

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