How to Enter the Searing Gorge


The Searing Gorge is an Eastern Kingdoms zone in the massively multiplayer online role playing game World of Warcraft. It is a contested zone, with the Horde and Alliance factions vying for control. There are two ways to enter the Searing Gorge. Characters of either faction may cross through the Badlands and into the Gorge and Alliance characters can also unlock the Stonewrought Pass in Loch Modan to enter the Gorge.

Things You'll Need

  • Level 40 character

Via the Badlands

  • Travel to the Badlands in the Eastern Kingdom.

  • Head toward the village of Kargath.

  • Go south from Kargath until you see a path to your right leading into the mountains. The map coordinates are approximately 5, 60. Make sure you visit the flight master at Thorium point so that you can easily return.

Opening the Stonewrought Pass (for Alliance only)

  • Speak to Mountaineer Pebblebitty, who is blocking the pass. She will tell you that she can't let you through and mentions that she might consider it if you can bring her something from the Gorge to prove your heroics. She tells you to find Margol the Rager.

  • Head to the Searing Gorge via the Badlands, as outlined in the first section, or by your flight path if you have already been there.

  • Find and defeat Margol the Rager. She is a large stegodon (dinosaur-like creature) who wanders close to her cave in the southeast area of the Gorge, east of the Tanner camp. When you defeat her you will receive Margol's Gigantic Horn, which begins a quest that requires you to return the horn to Mountaineer Pebblebitty.

  • Return the horn to Mountaineer Pebblebitty. She will question the authenticity and ask you to take it to Curator Thorius in Ironforge.

  • Take the horn to Curator Thorius and have him appraise it. You will find him in the library of the Hall of Explorers in the dwarven city of Ironforge. He will appraise it and verify that it is authentic, and give you a Proof of Deed to return to Mountaineer Pebblebitty.

  • Return the Proof of Deed to Mountaineer Pebblebitty. She will accept the horn as authentic and give you the Key to Searing Gorge, opening the passage from Loch Modan to the Searing Gorge.

Tips & Warnings

  • Level 40 is the minimum level required to obtain the quests that unlock the Stonewrought Pass.
  • The Searing Gorge is a level 43 to 52 zone; characters at a much lower level will not have a very good chance of survival or be able to obtain the quests there.

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