How to Legalize a Document


Some documents need to be legalized so that there is no misunderstanding that the party or parties signing the document agreed to what is included within that document. Getting a document legalized is easy and can be done with little effort on your part. However, for the document to be legal, you must follow these steps and not deviate in any way.

Things You'll Need

  • Notary Public Photo identification Document to be legalized
  • Complete the document that you wish to have legalized. Do not sign the document or date it.

  • Visit your local courthouse clerk of courts office, post office or even a notary public office if you have one in town. Take the unsigned document along with you and photo identification, which has your signature on it, to the office of your choice. If you need to have someone else sign the document, that person must also go with you and have photo identification.

  • Ask the notary to witness the signing of the document and notarize it for you. You will need to produce the photo identification and your signature for comparison. You will be asked to sign and date the document and the notary will add his or her seal and signature making the document legal.

  • Answer any questions that the notary asks since he or she is also assessing your mind state as you sign the document to make sure that you are aware and are signing this document of your free will.


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