How to Convert 180 Degrees to Celsius

Businesses and individuals today interact often with people from all around the world. The lines of international commerce and idea exchange are quickly fading. However, with the sharing of information comes certain obstacles. One common problem faced when dealing internationally is the use of different weights, measures and scales. While the United States uses the Fahrenheit temperature scale, many other countries use the metric-based Celsius scale. Follow these steps to quickly convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

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  1. Converting Temperatures Using Math

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      Convert from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius using this formula: C=(F-32)(5/9).
      The "C" in this formula stands for Celsius, and the "F" for Fahrenheit.

    • 2

      Plug the temperatures you would like to convert into the above formula to find the answer. For example, converting 180 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius would create the equation C=(180-32)(5/9).

    • 3

      Using a calculator, do the math for each bracket in the equation. Begin by subtracting 32 from 180, which is 148. Divide 148 by 9, which is 16.44. Then multiply 16.44 by 5, which is 82.22.

    Using Online Conversion Tools

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      Multiplying using the conversion formula can sometimes be a problem. For converting many temperatures quickly, using online tools can save time and reduce errors. One popular conversion tool is built into the Google search engine.

    • 5

      Type "convert 180 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius" into Google and press search.

    • 6

      The search engine does the math automatically and shows the result. There are many other units that can be converted as well, saving time in the process.

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