How to Beat Matriarch Benezia in "Mass Effect"


Noveria is a cold and lifeless world, and the fight with Matriarch Benezia can leave Shepard the same way if you're not careful. Powerful in both biotics and influence among the Asari, the Matriarch hides under an indestructible shield until you've faced waves of her guards first. Don't provoke her until you're ready, either; starting this fight locks you in the room until she's defeated.

  • Take cover immediately when you regain control of your character following Benezia's cutscene. The first wave of enemies will spawn nearby, among which is a powerful Asari commando.

  • Use Overload on anyone with a blue shield beside their health bar, such as the aforementioned commando and the Geth snipers that appear in the second wave. This disrupts the shield, eating away a small portion of health and leaving the victim vulnerable to standard attacks.

  • Remain under cover as much as possible. You won't be able to stay in your starting spot the entire fight, but you might be able to take refuge on the pathway at the far end of the room; some of the building's structures and pathways work to your advantage when barricading here. Not only that, but your cover won't get blown to pieces while Shepard crouches behind it.

  • Stop your enemies dead in their tracks with the Throw or Singularity abilities when they get too close or great in number. Focus your fire on the enemies that weren't caught in the blast first since your remaining abilities can still disrupt them, like the binding Stasis talent.

  • Continue disposing of enemies until you've cleared the third wave. At this point, a new cutscene triggers to prepare you for the second half of the fight: Benezia's determined wrath. As long as you're prepared for this fight, you won't need to worry about tactics.

  • Use Overload on the Matriarch immediately when you regain control of Shepard. This will destroy her powerful shields, leaving her vulnerable to standard weapon attacks. If Overload isn't available, use another movement-restricting talent.

  • Fire at her with your strongest weapon while using any other biotic talents that deal damage, such as Warp. When the fight concludes, a final cutscene will begin.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unity revives your fallen companions during combat. Be sure they have a chance to heal before entering the battlefield again, since you can't use Unity again right away.
  • If you have an Engineer in the party, using Damping before Overlord increases the latter's radius.
  • If you bring Liara to the fight, you'll get a little extra dialogue during the cutscene. Bringing Liara has a combat benefit due to her being a powerful biotic herself.
  • Don't stay in one place; the enemies are constantly destroying cover points, along with some of your health when you're standing right there.

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