How to Unlock Silver Surfer in "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes"


With his flying surfboard and ability to use cosmic bricks, the Silver Surfer makes a valuable addition to your team in "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes." However, before you can gain the help of this powerful ally and harness the Power Cosmic, you'll need to not only complete a series of quests but also gather one million studs to buy the character.

Racing the Surfer

  • Select any flying character, such as Iron Man or the Human Torch. It doesn't matter which character you choose, although some players prefer the Wasp, whose small size makes the location of upcoming rings easier to see. Locate the Silver Surfer on the northern side of the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and he will offer to race you; you'll have to fly through a series of rings and come in first place to win. Fly straight from ring to ring; adjusting in flight can cost you valuable time.

The Baxter Building

  • The next mission to unlock the Silver Surfer takes place near the Baxter Building; however, you'll have to complete the previous mission involving the food critic to unlock it. The Surfer will be standing on a ramp leading to the building, and will ask you to take him to a good Italian restaurant. Follow the line of red studs to your destination and he will head inside for a meal. Keep an eye on the Surfer; if you get too far away from him, he will stop following you.

The Stolen Board Piece

  • The Surfer's final mission takes place in East Harlem. The Surfer is standing in an alley next to a garage, and asks you to retrieve a stolen piece of his surfboard. Track down the thief and battle him to get the board. The actual fight against the thief is not difficult, but he'll keep running away from you, potentially leading you into other fights; don't get distracted and lose track of him. Once you've beaten him and returned the board, the Silver Surfer will unlock as a playable character. You can now purchase him back at the Helicarrier for one million studs.

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