How to Make Magneton Evolve


Magneton's evolution, Magnezone, has an impressive 130 base stat in Special Attack, making it an ideal special sweeper for any pokemon team. Considering it's above average Defense and Special Defense, and it's Electric/Steel type, Magnezone can take damage just as well as it can deal it.

With Fire Red or Leaf Green

  • Catch a wild Magneton. If you have a copy of Fire Red or Leaf Green, you can catch a wild Magneton in the Cerulean Caves or the Power Plant and transfer it to your copy of Diamond, Pearl or Platinum.

  • Go to Mt. Coronet with Magneton in your party.

  • Train Magneton until it gains one level and it will evolve into Magnezone.

Without Fire Red or Leaf Green

  • Catch a wild Magnemite.

  • Train Magnemite to level 30 to evolve it to Magneton.

  • Take Magneton to Mt. Coronet and train it until it gains one level and evolves into Magnezone.

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