How to Hold a Softball Bat


The first step in getting a good hit in softball is learning how to correctly hold---or grip---the bat. There are several different suggested styles of softball grips that have been considered to be correct when batting, but there's only one grip that is considered the proper and easiest way to hold a bat.

  • Place your bottom hand. No matter if you're a left- or right-handed batter and which grip you choose to go with, your bottom hand is always going to go against the knob at the bottom of the bad. If you're right-handed, grab the bottom of the bat with your left hand, wrapping your fingers around the grip with the bottom of your hand pressed against the knob of the bat. If you're left-handed, your right hand will go at the bottom of the bat. Since this hand will not rotate on the handle of the bat when you swing, make sure you have a strong grip that will steady aim and add power to your hit.

  • Grip the bat with your dominant hand. The traditional baseball grip, which is used in both baseball and softball, is simple to learn and will lead to strong swings. According to, with your bottom hand in place, put your dominant hand on top of the other. The key is to grip the bat with your fingers, not your palms, and let your middle knuckles of your bottom hand line up with the top knuckles of your dominant hand. Hold the bat just above your dominant shoulder---left shoulder for lefties and right shoulder for righties---and make sure to keep your dominant elbow raised and not let it rest against your side.

  • Swing away. Feel free to grip the bat as tight as you want, but keep your overall grip relaxed. Don't try to squeeze the bat, but rather hold it with a tight grip of your fingers. Keep your back elbow up. Step forward with your front foot and swing the bat around at chest level. Your dominant, top hand should turn on the handle of the bat while your bottom hand stays stationary. Take several practice swings before stepping into the batting cages and trying to hit a ball.

  • Choke up. If the ball is still coming by you too quickly, choke up on the bat by moving your bottom hand up and away from the knob. Place your top hand above your bottom hand, like usual, and swing again. By choking up on the bat, you've essentially shortened the bat and made it easier to control and bring around quicker.

Tips & Warnings

  • Picking a bat that is right for you can help a swing. When you go shopping for your bat, ask the professionals at the store to suggest one for your height and your weight.

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