How to Fix the Error E68 on Xbox 360


Nobody likes it when their things stop working -- even less so when all you get is an ambiguous error code. Accompanied by a single, flashing red light, error E68 refers to a problem either in your console's hard drive or the unit's hardware itself. Regardless of which type of Xbox 360 you have, you'll have to test the console without its hard drive to determine which of the two is causing the error.

Xbox 360 E and S

  • Turn on your console as an initial test to verify the error continues to appear.

  • Turn off your Xbox 360 console and unplug any peripherals and cables. The console should have nothing connected to it.

  • Place the console on its side so it's horizontal. Since you're not touching any sensitive components, you don't need to stress over grounding yourself on a rug.

  • Slide the hard drive door release, pulling down and toward the front of the console to reveal the hard drive on the black E and S consoles; this door is on the side near the back of the unit.

  • Pull the white tab on the hard drive to slide it out of its position. Set it aside in a safe location and close the console.

  • Reconnect your cables and turn on the console to test it again. If the unit boots up, it means the problem exists in the hard drive and it likely must be replaced. Seeing the error again means the problem is in the console hardware itself. You'll need to go through the Xbox Online Service Center to replace either of these with a warranty.

Original Xbox 360

  • Turn on the console as an initial test to replicate the error.

  • Turn off the console and remove all connected accessories and cables. Ensure the console has nothing left attached to it.

  • Stand your Xbox 360 console vertically on its flat side. If you have a hard drive, it will point toward the ceiling in this position. You can identify the hard drive by its size printed on it. For example, yours may say "120GB HDD" or "250GB HDD," depending on how much data it holds.

  • Push your thumb down on the hard drive's grey tab, which pops part of the device out of its position.

  • Pull the hard drive up and away from the tab as if opening a side door on the console. Set the hard drive away in a safe area.

  • Connect the cables and accessories again and turn on the console. If the error persists without a hard drive attached, your console is damaged and needs repair or replacement. Otherwise, you only need a new hard drive. Under a warranty, both can be replaced with the Xbox Online Service Center.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before you can order a hard drive or console replacement, the Xbox Online Service Center will ask you to register the console.
  • You can purchase an Xbox 360 hard drive through many retailers; this is a quick solution if you don't want to wait on a replacement or if it's not covered by a warranty.
  • Not all original Xbox 360s have a hard drive. If your original console is flat on both sides, you don't have one. If you're experiencing this error without a hard drive, the problem is in the console, which means repairing or replacing it.
  • If your console fails to work without the hard drive and is no longer under warranty, your best option may be to purchase a new console.

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