How to Use a Rat Trap


Rats can incite fear and disgust in many people. Rats can carry disease and are generally viewed as pests -- and as such are a key target for the multimillion dollar pest-control industry. You can pay to have professionals trap rats on your property, or you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. The primary tool used by companies is available in stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Rat trap Peanut butter
  • Buy traps and bait them. Peanut butter is good because it clings well to the trap. Apply the bait to the bait lever, a flat plastic or metal piece that flaps up and down in the middle of the trap. Apply a generous amount of bait, but not so much so that it keeps the trap from springing.

  • Set a trap by pulling back the spring-loaded, rectangular metal bar. Pull the bar back until it touches the wood base of the rat trap. Pull the metal rod, which is attached to the wood base of the trap, over the spring-loaded metal bar. Set the end of the metal rod so that it hooks onto the small nub of plastic or metal on the bait lever. Slowly release pressure on the spring loaded bar. The bar will rise off the wood base to a point and stop. The trap is set.

  • Place the traps in areas of the house where rats are likely to venture: in attics and sub-areas or crawl spaces, along walls (rats tend to run along surfaces, not in the middle of rooms), behind appliances and in outdoor trash areas.

  • When putting traps outside, attach them to a wire leader and attach the leader to something secure. Securing traps prevents other animals from dragging away trapped rats.

  • After catching a rat, dispose of the trap immediately by putting it in a sealed garbage can outside. Wash your hands with hot, soapy water.

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