How to Make A Really Effective Weed Puller


This article will show modifications to a commercially available dandelion puller which doesn't work very well, into a really effective all around weed puller.

Things You'll Need

  • Dandelion puller
  • Piece of steel tubing 6 inches long 1 inch dia.
  • Small strap
  • Self drilling screws
  • Short piece of garden tool handle.
  • This picture shows modifications made to the business end of the tool. The pipe is for several things. It gives a rolling surface to pry against in order to lift up the weed from it's roots. It also gives a place to press down with the foot. It also allows the tool to be tilted sideways thus lifting the weed and it's roots another way.

  • Shows the handle modification which adds a small portion of a handle. This gives a lever arm to be able to twist the thing sideways.

  • This shows it pulling up a weed by levering it up and out of the ground. This is done by just swinging the handle down and letting it revolve around the pipe. The pipe gives it a fulcrum point and something to push against.

  • This shows a foot pressing down on the cross pipe. Sometimes this feature is needed if the ground is hard and it's hard to get the tool in the ground far enough to be able to pry the root up and out.

  • This shows the tool twisting and lifting the weed out of the ground. This is where the modification to the handle is a must. It gives you something to twist with.

Tips & Warnings

  • Unfortunately this tool is not available on the market, yet.
  • Don't let your neighbor see you using this tool, he will want one.

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