How to Take Apart an iPod Touch


The iPod Touch is one of the most popular handheld devices in Apple series of iPods. Unlike its predecessors, the iPod Touch uses a touch screen rather than stationary buttons to control the device's many functions. One drawback of this technology is that any number of internal components can be damaged or become nonfunctioning, and repairs can be costly. Whether you need to fix a damaged screen or replace the battery pack, you can save money by knowing how to take apart your iPod Touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Nail file
  • Wedge a nail file or another thin, hard object in between the iPod Touch and its back metal covering. Slide the object along the border of the device and remove the metal covering.

  • Use the same object you used in Step 1 to separate the battery pack from the inside of the iPod Touch. The battery is the large white square directly in the center.

  • Lift up the piece of black tape from the bottom of the iPod Touch to expose three screws that you need to remove. Locate the wires that lead away from the battery pack you set aside in Step 2 and unscrew each screw at the base of these wires. After all of the four screws are removed, lift up and remove the metal rectangular covering that the screws were holding down.

  • Locate the top left corner of where the metal covering in Step 3 was resting. Find a small plastic tab and lift up on it to release the filmlike connector strip on the LCD screen. You should see another small tab like the one you just removed, located at the top of the iPod Touch. Lift up on this second tab to release its similar filmlike connector strip. Unscrew the two screws that sit on either side of this small plastic tab, and remove the thin metal covering that the screws held in place.

  • Unscrew the 16 screws that border the device; there will be eight on each side. Once those screws are removed, you'll be able to lift up and free the LCD screen from the iPod Touch. To reassemble the device's components, go back through these steps in reverse order.

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