How to Do Hair Styles With a Bump

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A hair style with a bump, or pompadour, is relatively easy to achieve. It's probably the only hair style that employs an ingenious use for pantyhose. The slightly raised bump at the top of the head gives volume and a somewhat aristocratic look to the hair. The bump also adds a sense of formality to an otherwise plain ponytail or bun.

Things You'll Need

  • Round bristle brush Blow dryer Comb Hairspray Pantyhose that match your hair color Bobby pins or barrette


  1. Section off the hair around the crown of your head so that you have a 2-3 inch wide strand.

  2. Wrap the hair around a round bristle brush. Blow dry with a diffuser to fluff out the hair and give it a rounded shape.

  3. Spritz the back of the strand with volumizing hairspray and tease with the comb to create volume.

  4. Roll up a pair of pantyhose in the same color as your hair and place behind the strand of teased hair. This will make the bump more prominent. Use the full pair or only half a pair of the pantyhose depending on how large you want the bump.

  5. Comb hair over the pantyhose. Secure with bobby pins or an embellished barrette.

  6. Leave the rest of your hair down or pull up into a high ponytail or low bun. If you leave your hair down, curl the loose strands for a fancy look.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try Bumpits. These are plastic add-ons that have been specifically designed to create a bump in the hair without using pantyhose or other materials.



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