How to Cure Arthritis With Colloidal Silver


Arthritis is a disease that does not discriminate between young and old. In its various forms, it can strike anyone at any time. If you suffer from septic arthritis, you may find relief from colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a powerful antimicrobial that destroys microbes and bacteria by inhibiting their ability to reproduce. Since septic arthritis is caused by bacteria, colloidal silver can help to cure this form of arthritis without the side effects of a less effective antibiotic.

Things You'll Need

  • Colloidal silver (25 ppm)
  • EDTA chelation powder or capsules (optional)

Mark the date you begin colloidal silver therapy on a calendar. Do not take colloidal silver for more than seven to ten days.

Place 25 drops of colloidal silver under your tongue four times a day. Take the colloidal silver at regular intervals throughout the day, rather than doing all four doses in a short amount of time.

Mark each dosage on the calendar with a tick immediately after taking that dosage. This will prevent exceeding the daily dosage. Discontinue use after the tenth day.

Follow up treatment with chelation cleansing. Weigh yourself and divide your weight by 70. Multiply the result by 1000. This is the amount of EDTA chelation powder, in milligrams, that you should take in a day to help to flush the colloidal silver from your body. Take this dosage of EDTA chelation under your tongue for the duration recommended by the particular product you have purchased. Only attempt this step after completing seven to ten days of colloidal silver therapy.

Tips & Warnings

  • Seek expert advice from a doctor before using colloidal silver or EDTA chelation. Your doctor will explain the pros and cons of these products. Ask questions and be sure you understand all possible side effects. It is important to confirm dosages and know how often to take them.
  • Silver, if taken in higher dosages, can cause a condition in which the skin turns blue. This condition is called argyria and the effect can be permanent. It is not recommended to take any product containing silver for a prolonged period of time.

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