How to Record Voice Calls

Recording voice calls from a landline telephone or cell phone requires basic equipment available at any virtually any electronics store. Besides a phone, you'll need a digital or micro-cassette audio recorder and a connecting cable for jacking the phone into your recording device. Before you start recording calls, check the laws in your state. Most states permit voice recording by either party to the call, and neither has to ask the other for permission to record. The law gets tricky when the recorder is a 3rd-party individual, who is required in most states to get permission from all individuals before recording a voice call.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone or landline phone Micro-cassette or digital recorder Audio cable with mini plugs for connecting the equipment In-line audio recorder available at electronics retailers and telephone stores Answering machine with record function, optional


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      Use an answering machine, if available, to record the call. This is the easiest method, as it simply involves pressing "Record" on the machine, once the call begins.

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      Use a landline telephone to record a call by connecting an audio recording Y-cable with 2 telephone jacks into the telephone's output jack or the base unit of a cordless phone. Connect the other end of the cable to the audio input jack or microphone jack on a micro-cassette or digital recorder.

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      Initiate the call and press "Record" on the digital or micro-cassette recorder. Record cell phone calls by buying a wireless phone-recording controller. Your cell phone needs a 2.5mm audio jack, which is standard, and you will need a hands-free headset. The controller is available from stores, such as Radio Shack for less than $25.

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      Plug the controller into your cell phone jack and the headset. Plug the controller's audio-out jack into a digital or micro-cassette recorder or a personal computer equipped with recording software. If recorded to a PC, you can create digital copies for burning to a CD, uploading to an MP3 player or for emailing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check your state laws regarding the recording of telephone conversations before you begin.
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