How to Make Your Own Bunny Costume


Create this quick little bunny costume for your child this Halloween and enjoy more time for parties and trick or treating. It is easy to assemble using an ordinary white sweat suit that can be reused after the holiday, making this a very economical project. Your child may already have a sweat suit in the closet. You need only minimal sewing skills for this costume, so a successful outcome can be had by even a novice seamstress.

Things You'll Need

  • White sweat suit to fit child Wrapping paper Yardstick Pencil Scissors 1/3 yard pink plush felt 1/4 yard white plush felt Straight pins Sewing needle and thread Sewing machine 1/4-inch-wide white ribbon Large safety pin 4-inch white pompom White knit gloves
  • Measure from below the neckband of the sweatshirt to above the waistband. Draw a vertical line in the back center of your wrapping paper using this measurement. Center a horizontal line on the top of the vertical line 4 inches long. Center a horizontal line on the bottom of the vertical line 9 inches wide. Connect the ends of the short and long lines on each side of the vertical line, using the yardstick as a straight edge. You should have a shape that resembles a rectangle with one short end smaller than the other. Curve the corners on the 9-inch side so that the shape resembles a large raindrop with a flat top. This is the pattern for your bunny tummy. Pin the pattern to the pink plush felt and cut out one piece.

  • Pin the pink felt tummy to the front of the sweatshirt with the 4-inch end just below the neckband and the 9-inch curved end above the waistband. Hand stitch the felt to the sweatshirt using a simple whip stitch or running stitch. The stitches will be barely visible through the plush of the felt.

  • Draw a 3-inch wide by 8-inch long rectangle on the back of the wrapping paper and cut out. This is the headband base for the bunny ears. Pin the pattern to the white plush felt and cut out. Fold the length of the rectangle in half with the plush sides of the felt inside and pin the edges together. Sew a 1/4-inch seam allowance along the pinned edge to form a tube. Turn the tube right side out and set aside.

  • Draw a teardrop shape on the wrapping paper, like the tummy pattern, that is 12 inches long with a 2½-inch end and a 5-inch end, curving the 5-inch end for the teardrop. This is the bunny ear pattern. Pin the pattern to two layers of the white plush felt with the plush sides together and cut out. This will make one ear. Repeat for the other ear. Pin the edges of the ears together. Sew a quarter-inch seam allowance around the ear, leaving the 2½-inch end open for turning. Turn the ears right side out. Fold in the edges of the opening a quarter-inch and hand-stitch closed. Draw another ear pattern on the wrapping paper a half-inch smaller on all sides and cut out. Pin the pattern to two layers of the pink plush felt and cut out. These are the inner ears. Center and pin one pink inner ear piece to one side of each white bunny ear. Hand stitch the inner ears to the white ears using a whip stitch or a running stitch, being careful not to sew through both thicknesses of the white ears.

  • Pin the short ends of the ears to the center of the white headband base. Hand-stitch the ears to the headband. Cut two lengths of the quarter-inch-wide white ribbon 18 inches long. Insert one end of a ribbon in one open end of the headband tube. Repeat with the other ribbon on the other end of the tube. Machine stitch the ends of the tube closed, attaching the ribbon. These are the ties for the bunny-ear headband. Place the head band on the child's head and tie the ribbon below the chin.

  • Dress the child in sweatshirt and pants. Determine where the tail should be. If the shirt hangs down past the seat of the pants, it will be attached to the shirt. If the shirt is above the seat, it will be centered and pinned on the seat. Place the large safety pin on the inside of the shirt or pants and pin the pompom through the fabric. The white gloves will finish the bunny costume.

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