How to Word Thank You Notes on Wedding Favors


Wedding guests notice everything. They think about the food, the music, the service, the bartender, the DJ, the ceremony, the hall and whether anybody looks like they're having fun. But one of the most important things that determine whether guests enjoy themselves is the graciousness and character of the couple getting married. Notes attached to wedding favors are a great chance to thank guests for coming and sharing in the occasion.

Things You'll Need

  • Wedding stationery

Preliminary decisions

  • Count your guests. This will help determine whether you will be able to write personal thank you notes, or whether you'll save those for thanking wedding guests for gifts. Personal notes are nice but may require more time than you have. General thank you notes on wedding favors will not count as a strike against you (but not having thank you notes at all might).

  • Choose your favors. Popular ones include mints, bubbles, picture frames and custom-made CDs of the couple's favorite songs. Your choice will affect greatly what you write.

  • Choose your tone. Are you going to be elegant and formal, or familiar and folksy? Deciding the tone you want to strike will help you choose both the look of your notes and the wording.

  • Choose the look. If you're composing personal notes, consider writing the notes by hand. This will take time and effort, but guests will notice and appreciate it. However, a well-worded but typed note won't count against you.

Ready, set, write

  • Pick the talent. If you're writing the invitation by hand, the partner with the better penmanship should be the one putting pen to paper. If you're typing your notes, leave the final wording to the better writer. But both partners should agree on the wording, as this is a note from both of you.

  • Set limits. If your favors have a small tag, you will only have room for a few words. Pick them carefully. A simple "Thank You" will do in these cases. If your tag folds like a card, you may wish to include a favorite Bible passage, song lyric or musing on love or marriage. If you have a little more room to write, you may consider a slightly extended message.

  • If you are writing individual notes, choose the appropriate greeting ("Dear Auntie," "Dear Bill and Jane," "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones"). Make a simple and specific statement about the recipient or recipients and say how important it is to you that they are part of your celebration.

    Here is a sample:

    "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones,

    You've been true friends, careful listeners and full of great advice. We hope we will be as happy as you are, and we're thankful to have you here today."

  • If you're writing one general note for everyone, remember that it is a thank you note, so get to the point right away. "Thank you for taking part in our special day" is generic and a little stiff, but it's also completely safe. If it's important to you that your thank-you notes stand out, however, write straight from the heart, and write as you would speak if you were saying thanks in person. Something like this is concise, natural and genuine: "Thanks so much for being with us today. Everyone here means a lot to us, and we are blessed to have you all in our lives."

    If you have whimsical favors, feel free to be appropriately creative, and even a little corny. For bride-and-groom rubber ducks, for example, you could write: "We're a couple of lucky ducks for having you here."

  • Choose your closing: You may wish to sign the note, and if you do, you have a few decisions to make. Do you want to say "Sincerely"? Probably not. "All our love"? Maybe. Decide which closing you want, or whether you want one at all, and then choose how you're going to sign. Are you using your first names? If so, are you going with "Dave and Allison" or "Allison and Dave?" (Traditional etiquette would favor the latter, as it puts the bride's name first.) What about "Mr. and Mrs. Just-Got-Married"?

    Choose the way you like best, and go with it.

Tips & Warnings

  • Like everything else in your wedding, there are lots of choices to make. Whatever you choose for your thank you notes, guests will appreciate the extra effort you've made to remind them that they are special to you and that you chose them to share in your wedding day.

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