How to Install Software in Unix

Traditionally, software applications for Unix is packaged as .tar files of source code. This code must be converted into a binary format specific to the Unix OS on which it will run. This source code can be downloaded once, and compiled for any Unix OS including Linux, Solaris and the BSD operating systems, among others. The source code is simply copied to each system and compiled on that system.
Each Unix will have its own package manager for distributing software. However, compiling from source code will work on any Unix based system.


    • 1

      Download the .tar file to a general directory.

    • 2

      Open a terminal window.
      The terminal application will be found under Utilities in the main Application window.

    • 3

      Unpack the archived software file.
      If the file has the .gz extension first type: "gunzip program.tar.gz".
      Then type "tar -xvf units-1.74.tar".

    • 4

      Move into the extracted software directory.
      cd program

    • 5

      Read the README and INSTALL files for software specific information
      less README
      less INSTALL

    • 6

      Configure the software to fit your operating system.

    • 7

      Build the software package.

    • 8

      Check the software build.
      make check

    • 9

      Install the software.
      make install

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you read the README and INSTALL text files. They contain important software specific information.
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