How to Make Fonts Larger

Hefty fonts add dimension and emphasis to words to help get your meaning across to your desired audience. Whether used to separate the title of an article from the body or to stress urgency such as "Buy Now!" there are times when a large font size is simply the better choice. In other situations, fonts may be too small to read comfortably on a computer screen.

  1. Microsoft Word

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      Highlight the text whose size you would like to increase. To do this, point the cursor at the first letter of the word, left-click the mouse and move the cursor to the right until all the words you would like enlarged are covered, then let go. Those selected words should still be selected.

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      Point the cursor to the arrow over the "Font Size" drop-down menu located on the toolbar. The words "Font Size" will show as indicated in the illustration.

    • 3

      Select a larger font size from the list.

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      To apply a larger font to the entire document, click on "Edit" and then "Select All." Next, select "Format" and then "Font," and then pick the desired font size from the list of available sizes.

    Computer Display Fonts

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      Go to the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel," then "Appearance and Themes," then "Display."

    • 2

      Go to the Appearance tab and under "Font Size" select "Large Fonts."

    • 3

      Press "OK" to accept the settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • When changing the computer's display fonts, you may have to close any open Internet browser applications to reset the new settings. Don't be alarmed if you see some mixed transitional changes. The new settings should be fine after you reopen any Internet applications.
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