How to Install Blackberry App World

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Applications on your BlackBerry enhance the device's system and features. To find these applications, you first need to install BlackBerry App World, an application store with apps -- some free, some paid -- for BlackBerry devices. You can install App World using the software in your BlackBerry, or transfer it to your device using your computer. For the latter option, you also need the BlackBerry Desktop Software program.

Using Your BlackBerry

  1. Select the "Web Browser" icon from the Home screen on your BlackBerry.

  2. Enter the BlackBerry App World Download website address -- -- into the address bar of the Web browser and press "Enter."

  3. Select "Download BlackBerry App World" and then follow the instructions to download the software to your BlackBerry. The BlackBerry App World software automatically installs after the download completes.

Using Your Computer

  1. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer with its USB cable. Launch the BlackBerry Desktop Manager if it does not open automatically.

  2. Launch a Web browser and go to the Download BlackBerry App World Web page at

  3. Click the "Download it Today" button under "From your Desktop Computer."

  4. Click the "Download" button on the next page and then follow the instructions to download the BlackBerry App World software to your computer.

  5. Click "Applications" on the left side of the BlackBerry Desktop Software window. Click the "+" symbol next to "BlackBerry App World" and click the "Apply" button. The BlackBerry Desktop Software transfers BlackBerry App World to your BlackBerry. The BlackBerry automatically reboots when the transfer is complete and displays the BlackBerry App World icon in the list of applications on the Home screen.




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