How to Make a Star-Shaped Ribbon


Star-shaped ribbons add homemade touches to wrapped presents. Once you know how to make a star-shaped ribbon, you can experiment with different types, widths and lengths of ribbons. This simple activity can be done with friends, family and children with few supplies needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Four pins
  • Flat pincushion or pillow
  • Needle and thread
  • Cut a length of ribbon approximately 20 inches long. Any width of ribbon can be used; however, a five-eighths-inch wide ribbon is usually used when learning how to make the stars.

  • Stick three of your pins into the cushion or pillow into the shape of a triangle. Set the pins an inch apart from each other, with the base of the triangle closest to you. As you learn, you can widen or shorten this distance to change the size of your stars.

  • Lay an end of the ribbon along the right side, just inside the triangle. Leave a 1- to 2-inch tail extending out from the base of the triangle. Pin the tail to the cushion with the fourth pin.

  • Wrap the ribbon upward and toward the left pin. Loop it around the tip of the triangle and pull it toward the center. Continue to loop the ribbon under the right pin and then back over it, eventually coming back to the center.

  • Bring the loop across to the left pin. Loop around and under this pin and return to the center. You'll now have one set of loops or star points.

  • Complete two more sets of star points until each pin has been wrapped three times. If this is too difficult, cut a longer length of ribbon and try again. Once you make pull the ribbon around the final pin for the last time, bring the ribbon back to the center.

  • Remove the fourth pin from the tail of the ribbon and pierce the star straight through the center to hold it in place. Remove the triangle pins and set them aside. Fan out the three layers of star points until they are no longer nestled inside one another. Rotate the star, turning the three layers until each layer can be seen.

  • Secure the star once you are satisfied with how the star looks. Thread and knot your needle. Insert the needle into the center of the star from its underside. Remove the fourth pin and hold the star while you stitch the center. Tie off your thread on the underside of the star.

Tips & Warnings

  • As you work your star, keep the center of the star pressed flat with your finger. This will create the curved points you need and prevent the ribbon to fold over itself.
  • Staple through the center of the star instead of sewing it.

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