How to Turn Off Safe Search

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There are many websites on the Internet that you wouldn't want a child to view or that you may not want to see. Google provides one of the Internet's leading search engines, and that search engine contains tools that can be set to filter content that you don't want to see. However, Google's Safe Search feature isn't always the helpful guardian it's meant to be. It can block sites that are safe and can block health sites by deeming the material they contain as explicit. If you need to see a list of all results for a search term, not just the "safe" ones, you can turn off Safe Search.


    • 1

      Open your Internet browser and go to Google's Safe Search preferences page (see Resources).

    • 2

      Move the Safe Search Filter slider bar to the left so that it is set to "No Filtering."

    • 3

      You can return also make the filtering more strict by sliding the bar to the right.

    • 4

      Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when you are done changing settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turning off "Safe Search" means all images and links, even explicit ones, will be visible to you.

  • By default, Google has the Safe Search filter set to Moderate.

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