How to Garnish Wages for Child Support


Seeking child support through wage attachment is done through your state office of child support enforcement. The goal of wage attachment is to ensure that children of the state receive the support they are entitled to. The support is taken directly from the paycheck of the noncustodial parent and sent to the custodial parent. Child support orders are retroactive to the date on the application for support. The sooner the application is submitted the sooner support can be received.

Things You'll Need

  • Non-custodial parent contact information
  • Application fee
  • Call the local office of child support enforcement to file for child support. You must provide as much information on the noncustodial parent as you have, including name, address, phone number, Social Security number, race, age and anything else that you can provide to help locate the parent. An application fee will typically be required. The amount of the application fee will vary from state to state.

  • Attend the scheduled hearing. If you are not married to the noncustodial parent or if the name of the noncustodial parent is not on the birth certificate, there might be a request for paternity testing. For noncustodial parents that live or work out of the state or country, they might be allowed to call in for the hearing.

  • Provide the child support case worker with proof of your income and expenses. The noncustodial parent has to provide the same proof. Based off the provided information, the case worker will determine a set amount of child support. The child support amount will include standard monthly support along with a percentage for medical, dental, day care and past due support. Child support payments are retroactive to the date on the application for court-ordered support.

  • Allow the child support case worker to submit the support order into the system. The garnishment will begin with the noncustodial parent's next paycheck.

  • Wait for the first child support payment to be deposited into your bank account or to be mailed to you via check. The support will be divided throughout the paychecks so that you will receive the correct amount each month. If the parent is paid weekly then you will receive weekly payments. If the parent is paid every two weeks, you will receive payments every other week.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you feel that the ordered child support amount is not sufficient, you can enter an appeal to have the case reviewed. As the years pass and as the cost of living increases, you might want to seek a modification to the ordered child-support amount.


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