How to Get Free Cell Phone Minutes From Kroger Grocery Stores

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Get free cell phone minutes by shopping at Kroger grocery stores.

Cell phone contracts are getting more and more expensive, and that means that consumers are looking for alternatives to being locked into the standard long-term contract. One option is the i-wireless phone offered by Kroger grocery stores. And now, Kroger has provided a way for you to earn free cell phone minutes just for grocery shopping.

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  • Kroger Plus shopper's card
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      Purchase an i-wireless phone to be eligible for this program. Free cell phone minutes cannot be transferred to other cell phone providers. You can purchase i-wireless phones at any Kroger grocery store, or online at

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      Go to and create an online user account once you get your phone. This will allow you to see information about your phone usage and how much you have accumulated toward your free phone minutes.

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      Call 611 from your i-wireless phone to register for the free phone rewards program. You will be asked to enter your shopper's card number located on the back of your shopper's card.

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      Spend $100 at any of the participating Kroger grocery stores and 20 free minutes will automatically be added to your phone plan. You will receive a text message when you have reached your $100 threshold notifying you of your free minutes. There is no time limit to meeting the $100 threshold, so anytime you meet it, you will receive the free minutes.

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