How to Reduce Scar Tissue After Breast Implants

Reduce post-surgical scarring
Reduce post-surgical scarring (Image:

After breast surgery the healing process can vary greatly depending on your personal health and the kind of procedure that was done, but there are things you can do to ensure that your scars are as minimal as possible. Reducing scarring following breast implants will help you achieve better results and minimize evidence of your operation.

Speak to your doctor. Following your operation you should be given specific instructions on what type of dressing was used on your incisions, how long it should stay on and how frequently it may need to be changed. More than likely this dressing will be kept on for a period of about 10 days before your doctor changes it. To reduce scarring at this time, avoid movements that could stress the wound and pull at the skin.

Use a cream to prevent infections that could cause stress to your incision and result in prolonged healing time and increased scarring. Your doctor should indicate which type is best for you. Red and noticeable scars are normal during this time. As an alternative, your doctor may apply a scar-reducing bandage. Follow his instructions on taking care of this dressing.

Wear your post-surgical bra. Avoiding movement of your breast tissue by wearing your post-surgical bra at night and during the day will help you prevent stretching and movement of your scar tissue. A soft bra can be used at night once your doctor approves you to shower and your recovery is underway. You should expect to be sleeping in a bra for up to 6 months after your surgery during the most critical months of scar tissue formation and healing.

Invest in a scar cream. When your wounds have healed and you are well along in the recovery process, buy a good scar-reducing cream. Most are applied twice a day directly to the scar, and each product will indicate its specific use and instructions. Find these products at your local drug store, but be sure to ask your surgeon to recommend when and how to begin using such a cream.

See your doctor for your follow-up appointments on schedule. If your scarring has not turned from red and thick to milder scarring within 6 months there may be a problem. Full disappearance for scars can vary greatly depending on individual health and genetics; for most this time will be over one year. However, the scarring should fade gradually, and you should continue to see your doctor regularly. If scarring persists, laser surgery options exist for minimizing these scars further.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always consult your doctor for the best, personalized advice on how to minimize your post-surgical breast scarring.

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