How to Build a List of Doctors


Building a list of competent doctors takes time, concentration, and research skills. By using these components properly and by using the tools needed effectively, you can develop a list that can be used for a variety of purposes other than the one you originally set out for. Building a doctor list will provide you with the skills necessarily to operate your own custom list-building service, a much sought-after and highly in-demand service. You can reach a local market or an international market; the choice is yours.

Things You'll Need

  • Insurance plan documents
  • Spreadsheet
  • Proper research tools
  • Doctor contact information

To build your list, you'll need uninterrupted space and time. Having a space where you will be uninterrupted for a length of time will aid you in building your doctor list most efficiently and effectively. You will make fewer mistakes and will spend less time spent redoing items. You will be performing your own custom list-building service.

Having your insurance plan accessible will help both you and other users of the list. People normally check their insurance plan to find out which doctors are participating providers and plan accordingly. If a doctor is not in your plan, find out which plan he or she belongs to.

Develop a spreadsheet to keep track of the information as you obtain it. Set up columns for the information you will need such as insurance plan and doctor office information. Enter this information as you process through building your list of doctors. This can be done either through a spreadsheet software program or, if for personal uses, by using a handwritten notebook log. This step involves you organizing, categorizing, and alphabetizing the doctor list for ease of use.

Determine your purpose. Is your list for personal use? Or do you want to refer people to doctors? Develop a mailing list? Is your list going to be in print or on the Internet? Why? Do you want to make a list for others to purchase? Determining what your purpose is will help you know what information to include in your list of doctors.

Determine the area of doctor specialty. Most doctors are now specialized. Decide upon which specialty or specialties, if any, you want to include in your list. This will help you focus more and decrease your potential for being overwhelmed.

Determine the location of the doctors you need. Is your list going to be local, state, federal, or international? This relates to the purpose of building your doctor list. It also is another way to narrow down your choices, thereby increasing your productivity and cost effectiveness.

Use the proper research tools. The research tools you will need include phone books (both Internet and local phone books), Chamber of Commerce listings, business referrals, classified business ads, Internet searches, and most importantly word-of-mouth referrals from patients. After you have the proper research tools and know how to use them, you can begin the process of building your doctor list. Included in this step is having the research capabilities to perform these tasks. This is where concentration and time come into play.

Use your research tools to locate the doctors' full names, designations, specialties, business addresses, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, any social bookmarking site addresses, and business website addresses. By having the phone numbers or email addresses available, you can contact the doctor's office for any missing information. This is the information you will include in your doctor list.

Verify the doctors' contact information. Contact each doctor's office. Check their websites to make sure their links are working. Send an email to be certain the account is active and operating. The best way to verify the information is to call and simply ask the doctor or his or her office. Tell them you are including them in the doctor list and why you are doing it. Be certain all the information is current and active before going further.

Tips & Warnings

  • When using spreadsheet software to input your data, set up different cells for dates of contact to help you keep track of when to follow up. You should update the contact information every three months.
  • Remember to verify the doctor contact information every month to ascertain how current it is. Never buy prepared mailing lists to build your doctor list. Much of that information is outdated and expensive.

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