How to Do a Flea Extermination at Home


It is definitely possible for you to do your own flea extermination at home. Instead of hiring a flea exterminator, do it yourself and save a ton of money. Fleas are tiny parasites that live off the blood of mammals and can transmit a multitude of different diseases. When you have a flea infestation, you want to get rid of the problem ASAP!

Here's how to take care of your own flea extermination at home:

  • Remove all animals from the home and kennel for a night or two if possible. To be nice to the kennel owners, you may want to treat your animal first with a flea treatment such as Advantage or something similar.

  • Buy professional flea bombs. You can get these at a local store or over the Internet. It usually takes 1 flea bomb per room but more will be needed if you have a large flea infestation or you have big rooms. Follow the directions on the container for the proper flea extermination procedure.

  • Wash all pet bedding. Make sure to wash everything that your animal came in contact with.

  • Sweep, vacuum, and steam clean your entire home. Remove the vacuum bags immediately since you don't want to take any chances of having flea eggs left in the bag.

  • Sprinkle borax in the areas of your home that had the worst flea infestation. Pour it along the walls, in cracks, in the garage, basement, or wherever else is necessary.

  • Take care of flea extermination in your yard by trimming all bushes around your home and exposing the fleas to the sunlight. Buy beneficial nematodes online or at a local nursery. These are tiny worms that eat larvae. They come on a blue sponge. Soak the sponge in water and then add the water containing the nematodes to a spray container. Spray your yard and garden.

  • To finish up your flea extermination project, take your pet to be bathed professionally or wash them outside of your home to avoid bringing in any new little friends.

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