How to Make Grass Grow Faster


Grass and lawn features in a landscape form a quintessential part of most gardens, whether in a residential or commercial setting. Regular and proper maintenance of a grassy area in a garden is important in order to encourage faster, lush green growth. By routinely providing a few basic elements you can achieve a rapidly growing lawn that is both inviting to the eye and useful for recreation and leisure.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower
  • Water
  • Granular fertilizer high in nitrogen
  • Liquid weed killer
  • Garden utility tank sprayer
  • Aerator
  • Mow the grass area with a lawn mower to achieve a short, close-cropped trim. Clipping the grass regularly, such as on a weekly basis, not only serves to maintain a neat, finely manicured look, but helps stimulate faster growth. Healthy grass responds to mowing by working to regenerate new blades of grass and producing longer blades as part of the natural reproductive life cycle. Grass grows blades, flowers and then produces seed. When this process is interrupted by mowing, grass will respond by quickly working toward the production of more blades and seed to replace what was mowed away.

  • Water the grass regularly to maintain sufficient moisture in the soil to facilitate optimum growth. Water deeply and thoroughly to encourage a deep and extensive root system the grass can use to obtain sufficient nutrients and moisture in between regular watering. Typically grass should be watered at least once per week, but may require more or less water depending on the weather and climate in your area.

  • Disperse a granular fertilizer high in nitrogen over the top of the grass every four months. Distribute the fertilizer evenly using the proper portion for the size of the grass area as determined by the instructions on the fertilizer bag. Mow the grass immediately prior to fertilizer application and water in the fertilizer thoroughly afterward. Use a fertilizer containing a pre-emergent that thwarts germination and growth of weeds.

  • Remove weeds immediately when spotted. Spray the grass with a broad leaf weed killer using a garden utility sprayer designed for applying pesticide, fungicide and weed killer. Spray weeds as they emerge in the grass to prevent their further growth. Weeds will eventually take over a grass area if allowed to grow and they slow the growth of the grass, too.

  • Aerate the soil of the grass once per year. Aerator machines and tools can be purchased and sometimes rented at home-improvement centers and hardware stores selling lawn and garden supplies. Aerating the soil helps foster strong, healthy root growth and also helps protect against compaction of hard, dense soils. Aeration will also help water and nutrients better reach the root structure of the grass.

Tips & Warnings

  • Spreading a thin layer of composted sewer sludge over the top of the grass and watering it in works exceptionally well to trigger remarkable rapid growth.

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