How to Choose the Best Hair Care Products for African American Hair

African Americans have different needs than standard products typically meet when it comes to hair care. Genetics create coarse hair in African Americans that becomes brittle and dry when not given proper treatment, and many products are not created with these requirements in mind. Some, such as straighteners, can damage hair. Selecting the correct products is important to maintaining healthy locks.


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      Examine the back of all products for chemicals including the word "sulfate." Sulfates can damage hair and should be avoided.

    • 2

      Select products containing avocado, shea butter and coconut oil to strengthen and moisturize hair.

    • 3

      Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb. Other combs or brushes can tangle and damage hair.

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      Avoid tools that dry your hair, such as curlers and flat irons. When using a blow dryer, select one with a diffuser, which expands the area of hair being dried and helps prevent overheating.

    • 5

      Dye your hair with henna; chemical products can make hair brittle.

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