How to Install Remote Desktops

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Install Remote Desktops

It can be pain to go back and forth between several different computers on your home or office network, especially if you frequently move between different sites. If you need to install programs on all of your computers or want to be able to access files on a different computer, you can use a remote desktop solution. All you need to do is install the remote desktop software on both computers and then create a password so that only you can access the first computer from any other Internet-connected PC.

Things You'll Need

  • Remote desktop software
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      Access the computer that you want to connect to remotely from a different computer. Navigate your web browsing program to a web page that offers a remote desktop software package such as "Remote Desktop Control" or "Go To My PC" (see Resources).

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      Starting the installation process.

      Find the downloads section, and click on the download link. Click on "Save File." Close down your web browser, and then double-click on the installation file you downloaded. Click on the language you want the program to use, and then click on "Next."

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      Choosing the "Host" option.

      Click on the check box marked as "Host Module" to let the program know this is the computer you will be remotely accessing from a different machine. Click on the "Next" button again.

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      Setting up a password.

      Choose a user name and password that you want to use to access the computer remotely. Type the password and user name into their corresponding text boxes, and then click on "Next." Click on "Finish" to complete the installation process.

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      Access the secondary computer that you want to use to remotely control the first computer. Return to the same website as before, and download the remote desktop program again.

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      Run the installation file, and proceed through the steps as before. Choose the "Admin Module" option this time instead of the "Host Module" option to let the program know this is the computer you will be using to control the first computer.

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      Type in the same user name and password that you chose before when the installation wizard prompts you for them. Click on "Finish," and wait for the installation process to complete.

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      Open the remote desktop program, and click on the "Connect" icon. Type in the user name and password that you chose, and then click on "OK." Select the "Full Control" option to bring up a new window that shows the contents of the first computer's desktop.

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      Navigate inside the new window to take control of the first computer, and make any changes to that computer that you need.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to pick a password that will be hard for anyone else to guess. If someone else gets the password, they could potentially install the software on their computer and then take control of your PC.

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