How to Clean Lacrosse Balls


Play enough lacrosse and you can start feeling the difference. New lacrosse balls feel slippery but broken-in balls have that good grip, inspiring you to make bold moves on the field. You can keep those good-grip balls in the game longer by cleaning them after every use.

Clean Them Like Dishes

  • Run hot water into a large sink, squirting an ounce or two of grease-cutting dish soap into the spray. Allow the tub to fill up with soapy foam. Dump your used lacrosse balls into the sink then use a scrubbing sponge to clean each ball. The sink may fill with dirt and grime -- drain the sink and start over if you have to. Use a large towel to dry the balls and leave them to completely dry. Do not store lacrosse balls where they are exposed to sunlight. UV rays fade the color of lacrosse balls and make them slick.

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