How to Stack Hay in a Truck


Often large loads of hay are delivered with little help from the buyer, but many times only a load or two is needed and paying the high fees to have it delivered isn’t necessary. It's possible to load and secure your own truck with minimal effort.

Things You'll Need

  • 25 foot rope
  • Heavy-duty clamp

Arrange 11 bales of hay lengthways in the bed of the truck: four at the top, three in the middle and four more at the bottom of the bed. All bales should be on their sides with the twine running horizontal.

Take one end of the 25-foot rope and tie it to a bale in the center of the first row. Coil the excess rope on the roof of the cab so it will not get in the way of the rest of your stacking.

Arrange 12 bales stacked in two rows of six on their string sides for the second layer. The bales will rest on the edge of the truck bed.

Arrange the next layer of hay–again, 12 bales–lengthways with the strings up. This layer will be three rows of four, centered over the bed of the truck.

Stack 12 more bales in the same manner as the second layer of bales for the fourth layer: two six-bale rows on their string sides.

Arrange the last layer: six bales stacked along the center of the load, string side down.

Take the rope and pull it over the top of the whole load and tie it through a heavy-duty clamp in the chain hole on the truck’s hitch.

Once the load is secure, drive a short distance to make sure the rope is still tight. It may need to be retied and tightened. When plucked the rope should snap back into place.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before loading your truck, check its load capacity. Also review state and local laws about how materials under transport should be secured and if there are any requirements for marking the load with signs or flags.

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