How to Obtain All Espers in Final Fantasy VI


The Espers, also called Magicite, are very powerful objects in Final Fantasy VI. Each Esper has special magical abilities they can cast, and possession of one allows any character to learn certain magic spells. There are 27 Espers you can obtain in any Final Fantasy VI game, with some found in the game's World of Balance and much more when it becomes the World of Ruin. There are also four Espers exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version.

World of Balance

  • Talk to the Esper Ramuh when you find Terra in the tower in Zozo. He will give you the first Espers: Kirin, Ramuh, Siren and Stray.

  • Locate eight Espers in the Magitek factory in . Jump down the chute that you see Kefka throwing Espers into and beat Shiva and Ifrit to gain them as Espers. Flip the switch in the factory's final room (after beating Number 024) to get Unicorn, Shoat, Phantom, Maduin, Bismark and Carbunkle.

  • Purchase Sraphim from a peddler hiding in the brush in the city of Tzen. He'll charge 3000 gil for it now but will reduce it to 10 gil if you wait until the World of Ruin.

  • Purchase Golem and Zoneseeker at the Auction House in Jidoor. These can be purchased at any time in either world, but they aren't available every time you enter. They are also expensive; Golem costs 20,000 gil and Zoneseeker is 10,000.

World of Ruin

  • Defeat Phunbaba, when you return to Mobliz after getting the second airship to receive Fenrir. When you beat Doom Gaze, who hides throughout the sky in the World of Ruin, you will get Bahamut. Defeat the Chadarnook painting in Owzer's House to get Starlet.

  • Return to the island Celes first woke up on after you get the airship. On the beach you will find Palidor

  • Make your way through the Phoenix Cave to reunite with Locke. After the scene where he tries to revive Rachel, you will get the Phoenix.

  • Enter the weapon shop in Narshe after finding Locke. The old shopkeeper in the basement will give you Ragnarok, and you can choose to keep it as an Esper or have it made into a sword.

  • Go back to the original frozen Esper that was found at the start of the game, which is now at the top of the mountains behind Narshe. Hit it with Fire spells to melt it, and it will join you as Tritoch. Enter the cave behind the Esper and make your way to Umaro's cave to find Terrato.

  • Approach the Odin statue in the Ancient Castle underground to get the Odin Esper. If you approach the queen statue after beating the Blue Dragon, Odin will turn into Raiden.

  • Rescue Cyan from his dream in Doma Castle to get Alexander. You'll get the Esper after beating Wrexsoul.

  • Defeat all eight dragons that are scattered throughout the World of Ruin. Once the last dragon is gone, you will. receive the Crusader Esper.

Game Boy Advance Exclusives

  • Take the ferry from South Figaro in the World of Ruin and you will meet Leviathan in mid-journey. Beat him to claim him as an Esper.

  • Enter the desert outside Maranda and fight Cactuars. If you beat 10 oh them, you might encounter Gigantuar. Beat him to get the Cactuar Esper.

  • Purchase the Excalipoor sword for 500,000 gil at the Jidoor auction house, then bet it at the Colloseum to face Gilgamesh. Defeat him to get him in Esper form.

  • Take on the Dragon's Den Quest after defeating Kefka. If you beat Kaiser Dragon, you'll get the Diabolos Esper.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some Espers may have different names depending on the version you are playing.

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