How to trigger Your body's natural happy drug (endorphins)

trigger Your body's natural happy drug (endorphins)
trigger Your body's natural happy drug (endorphins)

Astonishing gifts from the gods, endorphins found in the brain, are your body's natural pain reliever and mood enhancer. Stress and pain are triggers for endorphin release. Wouldn't it be great if you could be in a euphoric mood all the time without the use of illicit drugs? You are in luck there are ways to elicit your body's own natural happy drug and you don't have to worry about it being illegal.

Catch some rays: Natural sunlight triggers more endorphins. Even just the thought of a sunny day boosts your mood as opposed to a thought of a drab and rainy day.

Grab a piece of chocolate to prompt your endorphins. Chocolate acts like a drug when eaten it triggers the release of endorphins. When you feel stress, just eating a piece of chocolate will give you a good feeling. Just a small piece is enough. Now you don't have to worry about gaining weight and can be happier too.

Eat spicy food like chili peppers. The spicier the food the more endorphins your body will release.

Exercise is another great way to activate the happy drug. Have you ever noticed how runners seem to be addicted to running? The cause of this high is the amount of endorphins that are released when you work out. You not only feel good you will look good too.

Meditation is another effective way to trigger your endorphins. People have reported feeling of bliss through the practice of meditation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sex is another influential trigger of endorphins.
  • Have a good laugh to release more endorphins
  • Roller Coaster rides is popular because of the endorphins it triggers when you ride.
  • If you are concerned about the exposure to sun use a UV protectant.

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