How to Write on Rice


Rice is a symbol of prosperity and fertility, which is why it is one of the things traditionally thrown at a bride and groom exiting a church at the end of a wedding ceremony. Today, many wedding guests are asked to throw birdseed or blow bubbles, because rice can make a mess that the birds aren't as quick to clean up. If you want to include some rice in your wedding, write a special message on a few grains and have them mixed into the birdseed.

Things You'll Need

  • Ultra-fine tip pen with water-based ink
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Piece of paper
  • Small blob of reusable adhesive putty
  • Write your message in large letters on a piece of paper using a ballpoint pen. Spell the message correctly. The shorter the message, the easier it is to write on rice. If you want to read the message with the naked eye, make it five to seven letters along one side from tip to tip. Sometimes 10 letters fit, depending on the how fine the pen tip is, how long the rice grain is and how carefully you write.

  • Select a few unbroken grains of rice with smooth sides and no cracks or other blemishes. Some grains are nearly flat on a side or two, and those work best.

  • Flatten the rice grains down into reusable adhesive putty, such as Sticky Tack, so that the surface you want to write on is facing up.

  • Follow the instructions on your pen--some need to be shaken before use and some splatter if shaken. Write the first letter of your message on the grain of rice. Note how the grain curves so you can make the letters how you want them.

  • Carefully write each letter of the message on the rice. Practice writing on a few grains of rice. Let the ink dry before touching or turning over your grain of rice.

Tips & Warnings

  • To write a smaller message, use a jeweler's glass, a magnifying glass on an arm, to see the smaller letters.
  • Do not eat rice with lettering on it as ink may be toxic.
  • Use caution with ultra-fine-tip pens because they can have sharp points.
  • Oil-based inks may smear easily.
  • Do not use instant rice.

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