How to Get a Credit Card Machine for a Business

A small business needs to be able to charge credit cards in today's economy. Credit card charges are convenient for customers, establish trust in the customer's mind and are generally inexpensive. Different options exist through a number of merchant service providers. In-store charges can be made at POS (point of sales) swiping terminals, or integration methods for websites can charge via the Internet. Selecting the correct system for your business can dramatically increase sales and your company's profitability.


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      Select a merchant service provider. Merchant services may be available through the bank holding your company's checking account, or third-party payment processing services can offer more business flexibility. Shop around to identify the best rates and service for your small business.

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      Decide which processing option is best for your business. For face-to-face retail business, a POS swiping terminal is best. Or turn your computer into a cash register with payment processing software.

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      Purchase the software or hardware that pertains to your payment processing choice. POS swiping terminals can cost hundreds of dollars, while Internet account integration generally charges monthly rates and fees per transaction.

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      Integrate your payment processing choice into your small business model.

Tips & Warnings

  • Certain hardware can be purchased to increase ease of use. A PIN keypad in use with POS hardware keeps the customer's transaction quick and private. Some merchant service providers require a business license; others do not.
  • Make sure your payment processing choice makes sense. If most of your sales are made on the Internet, swiping terminals may not be the best choice. Make sure your merchant service provider can accept certain types of credit cards.
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