How to Use Mosquito Nets


If you're planning on sleeping in mosquito-infested territory, a mosquito net will protect you from irritating bites and buzzing. And if you're in an area where malaria is prevalent, your net is one of your main lines of protection against disease. Be sure you know how to correctly set up the net before you venture into the bug zone.

If you have the type of net meant to be suspended above a bed, install a small hook on the ceiling over your bed (mosquito nets hang from just one hook). Measure the center of the width of the bed. Then measure to the spot in the length of the bed where your chest lies when you are sleeping. The intersection of these two spots is where you should place the hook.

Install the hook. Conventional cup hooks are best on wood ceilings, while spring toggle hooks work well for plaster ceilings. With a drill bit slightly smaller than the size of the hook, drill a tiny hole in the ceiling where you want to attach the net. Screw the hook into the ceiling until it is tight. Attach the net to the hook and spread it over the sides of the bed.

If you are camping without a mosquito-proof tent, you can set up a mosquito net over a pole. Place a hiking pole or stick in the ground next to your pillow. Then arrange the net around the pole.

Sleep inside the mosquito net, keeping your entire body inside the net. Mosquito nets can be tough to learn to sleep in, as they often come close to your body or touch your face. But if you're using it in a country where malaria is a threat, it's well worth it.

Mosquitoes are usually only a problem at night, but if you are still concerned during the day, use a hat with mosquito netting and wear clothing that covers your body.

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